Oh, The Places They Went

With their big public reading just a day away, the young writers are officially in prep-mode. Pens went to paper in nearly every activity as they begin to polish what they’ve been working on all week. But before they reach their final destination of sharing their work with family, peers, and other members of the … Continue reading Oh, The Places They Went

Who I Am

Everyone loves a good villain, and our young writers are no exception. This statement came into focus as our young writers tackled their third large group activity, which incorporated the idea of “collective storytelling.” Instructor Carmen Schober led the writers in three attempts to “tell one big story together.” The writers prefaced each round by … Continue reading Who I Am

Words, Words, Words

The word of the day for our young writers? Words. Whether big or small, foreign or familiar, words provided the foundation for Day 2 of the Young Writers’ Workshop. And rightfully so: We need words to tell stories, after all, and as our young writers became acquainted with new ways to tell stories during the … Continue reading Words, Words, Words

Meet Our 2015 Staff

The days are getting hotter—and longer—yet somehow we have reached the midpoint of summer vacation. With that midpoint comes the good news: We are now less than a week away from the second annual Young Writers’ Workshop here at Kansas State University! Everyone involved this year is very excited to begin work on “Chapter 2” of … Continue reading Meet Our 2015 Staff