Meet Our 2015 Staff

The days are getting hotter—and longer—yet somehow we have reached the midpoint of summer vacation. With that midpoint comes the good news: We are now less than a week away from the second annual Young Writers’ Workshop here at Kansas State University! Everyone involved this year is very excited to begin work on “Chapter 2” of the Workshop. Before that work (and fun) begins, let’s get to know those who will be working with this year’s participants:


Katy Karlin, Director

Katy Karlin is an Associate Professor of English at Kansas State University, where she teaches Fiction Writing. This will be her second year serving as Director of the Young Writers’ Workshop.

Favorite Hobby (besides writing): Running with her dog, Rusty.

Pen name of choice: Ytak Nilrak

How she overcomes writer’s block: Goes to museums and looks at art.


Judson Packard, Instructor

Judson (or Jud) will begin his senior year at K-State this fall, where he is currently working toward his degree in English, specializing in creative writing. After graduating, he plans to “keep wandering”—an adventure that will take him to South America to teach English.

Favorite Hobby (besides writing): Experiencing local culture.

Pen name of choice: Howard Wanch

How he overcomes writer’s block: Turns off phone, goes somewhere alone to write by hand.


Carmen Schober, Instructor

Carmen graduated with her M.A. in English Lit and Creative Writing this spring at K-State. She’s studied poetry and non-fiction, but her primary focus is fiction, and currently she’s working on her first novel. This fall, Carmen will return to K-State as an instructor to teach Expository Writing, as well as her first creative writing class. When’s she isn’t writing, Carmen enjoys reading, gardening, or hanging out with her cats, Rory and Henry. She loves reading work by other new writers and is very excited for the Young Writers’ Workshop! 

Favorite Hobby (besides writing): Boxing

Pen name of choice: C.M. Bravo

How she overcomes writer’s block: Write another scene that excites her.


Brian McCarty, Instructor

Brian has been an instructor at K-State for two years. When he’s not writing poems or teaching literature and Expository Writing classes at Kansas State, Brian enjoys touring the countryside for offbeat museums and folk art. Recently married, he lives in Manhattan with his wife, dog, bird, rabbit, and fish.

Favorite Hobby (besides writing): Hiking

Pen name of choice: Ole Henrietta

How he overcomes writer’s block: Listens to varying types of music, reads as much as possible, and looks over older work of his for inspiration.


Dustin Vann, Program Assistant

Dustin will be entering his senior year at K-State this fall, majoring in creative writing. When he isn’t writing, he’s usually thinking about writing or trying to master the daunting task of writing and reading simultaneously.

Favorite Hobby (besides writing): Basketball, laughing—if that counts
as a hobby!

Pen name of choice: Pierce Lamar Crenshaw

How he overcomes writer’s block: Step away and think
about what it is he’s really trying to convey in the part he’s stuck at. This usually involves listening to music and chocolate of some sort. 

Be sure to check back as the Young Writers’ Workshop begins this upcoming Monday, July 6th, and for daily posts all next week! 

There will be words…

There will be pictures…

And it will all be awesome!


~ Dustin Vann, Program Assistant* 

*With contributions by Brian McCarty and Carmen Schober

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