Meet Our 2020 Staff!

Hi, Everyone!

June 22 is fast approaching, and we are hard at work preparing for the Young Writers’ Workshop! We are excited to meet our young writers online this year!

This year’s online format will mean lots of new ways to explore our creativity including fun videos, interactive writing exercises, and a scavenger hunt, and all from the comfort of your favorite writing spaces.

We can’t wait to meet this year’s young writers! But first, let’s introduce our 2020 staff.

To kick start our online experience, the 2020 staff have put their own creativity to the test by creating their very own introductory videos! So, please, take the opportunity to check out our videos and get to know us:

Krista Danielson, Instructor:


Adrianna Gordey, Instructor:


Dustin Vann, Instructor:


Katy Karlin, Director:


Cecily Cecil, Program Assistant:

We will see you soon!
— Cecily Cecil, Program Assistant

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