Tell Your Story

With such a busy day yesterday, we decided to split up our final post. Like many of our young writers, we discovered there’s so much to share when you find someone who is willing to listen. Thank you for returning to check out the final blog of the 2019 Young Writers’ Workshop. We hope you’ve enjoyed following the progress of our young writers.

One last time, we must thank the many folks who make our workshop possible, including the English Department at Kansas State, along with Helen and Duke Dupre, our generous donors and K-State alumni.

Without further ado, our 2019 young writers!

Abby B.


Abby S.




Paige S.



Paige C.








Each writer put forth incredible effort throughout the week, which was evident to all who attended our reading. Thanks again to the family, friends, and members of the K-State community who filled up the theater for our reading. For any who wanted to attend, but were unable, I highly recommend asking your young writer to share a piece of their writing. You’ll likely find them just as astonishing as we did throughout the week.

With that, I’ll sign off one last time as your program assistant. Thank you for reading.

—Noelle Braaten

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