“You Will Use It All Your Life”: The Young Writers Share Their Work with the World

The final day of the 2022 Young Writers’ Workshop was a wild success! Our morning question was: What was your favorite part of the week? The young writers were big fans of Thursday’s poem-comic activity… and they loved playing Mafia during breaktime!

In the tradition of the Young Writers’ Workshop, the instructors and young writers went on a scavenger hunt this morning, searching the K-State campus for art based on riddles such as “A statue that befits a King. / ‘I have a dream’ has that nice ring!” and “It’s not a fork, it’s not a knife. / You will use it all your life.” As befits their name, the Investigators took the prize: bragging rights!

After practicing for the reading, the young writers decided to finish strong by playing Mafia again, this time with a twist: each person got to write an “obituary” so that whoever “died” at least went out with a laugh. From cannibalism to death by Hello Kitty, the young writers flexed their creative muscles one last time.

Finally, it was time for the reading! As family and friends began to arrive, excitement filled the air. In the intimate space on the second floor of the Beach Museum, the young writers showcased their work, accepted their certificates of completion, and received raucous rounds of applause.

Katy Karlin, founder of the Young Writers’ Workshop, is honored before the reading.

What a week! We are so proud of every one of the young writers who attended the workshop this year. Their dedication, engagement, and hard work made for a delightful experience for everyone involved.

Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog and enjoying a wonderful week with us. Until next year!

–Adrien Sdao, Program Assistant

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