“One Last Time”: The Young Writers Celebrate Their Hard Work and Share Their Writing!

Today is the last day of the Young Writers’ Workshop! The young writers reminisced about the best parts of Workshop by answering this morning’s question: “What was your favorite part of the Young Writers’ Workshop?” Checkout the young writers’ responses below!

The young writers then embarked on a virtual scavenger hunt. In their small groups, the writers researched K-State buildings and landmarks, collecting as much information as they could about each location on the list. The writers shared facts about K-State’s tornado sculpture, spork statue, Whispering Garden, Bluemont bell, corpse flower, Insect Zoo, Ebony Theatre, and many other attractions. The Dino Chicken Nuggets shared the most information about K-State in four minutes, and they won the scavenger hunt!

Jibran sharing information on behalf of the Dino Chicken Nuggets.
Mira sharing information on behalf of the Champions.
Maizie sharing information on behalf of the Society of Mysterious Women.

After the scavenger hunt, the young writers performed improv scenes to practice several narrative skills: developing character motivation, building tension with dialogue, and raising the stakes in a scene. The writers gave each other prompts – an object you can touch, a relationship between two people, and a secret – to base their improv scenes on. In pairs, the young writers drafted and performed improv scenes based on dinosaur chicken nuggets filled with maps, a hidden squirrel pet, a chewed-up library book, a stolen piece of cake, and an expensive, limited-edition pen.

While the young writers prepared for the reading, I visited each of the small groups to take pictures of them together. See the 2021 small groups below:

The Dino Chicken Nuggets
The Champions
The Society of Mysterious Women

After lunch, the young writers rehearsed for the reading and put the final touches on their pieces. We also took fun group photos which you can look at below!

At last, it was time for the reading! Family, friends, loved ones, teachers, and alumni came to cheer on the young writers. Thank you for coming to support the young writers!

         Katy Karlin, the director of the Young Writers’ Workshop, gave opening remarks that thanked our generous donors, Helen and Duke Dupre, as well as commemorated the Young Writers’ Workshop’s partnership with the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art. Afterwards, our instructors introduced their small groups. Dustin introduced the Dino Chicken Nuggets, Tolu introduced the Champions, and Krista introduced the Society of Mysterious Women. Each young writer had three minutes to present their work, and they all filled their time with the short stories and poems they’ve worked on this week. Guests, staff, and other young writers used the chat to encourage each other and celebrate everyone’s excellent writing!

         Bravo, young writers! We are so proud of your hard work this week!

The Dino Chicken Nuggets


The Champions


The Society of Mysterious Women

Tawana, YWW 2018 Alum

It has been a fun week here at the Young Writers’ Workshop! Thank you for sharing your work and enthusiasm, young writers! We hope you keep up with the projects you started in the Workshop and always find inspiration to begin more.

— Adri Gordey, YWW Program Assistant

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