“Last Day”: It All Comes Together!

Today was the last day of the 2020 Young Writers’ Workshop, and what an extraordinary week it has been! 

The young writers started the day with the opening question “What was your favorite thing about the Young Writers’ Workshop?”

The young writers especially enjoyed getting to talk with the visiting writers and having the chance to meet new people.

The young writers share their favorite workshop experiences.

After answering the question of the day, the young writers shared their musical talent with us in a jam session.

The young writers play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” while Stevie conducts.

The young writers spent most of their morning preparing for the 2:00 pm reading. They continued the small group workshops they had started the day before, sharing suggestions and encouragement. 

But they also took some time for an online scavenger hunt and to make thank you videos for our visiting writers. Thank you again, Winniebell Zong, Jonny Teklit, Kenan Orhan, Dylan Pyles, and Miranda Asebedo!

Raisa thanks visiting poets Winniebell Zong and Jonny Teklit.
The Marches collaborate on the online scavenger hunt.

After the lunch break, the young writers held a dress rehearsal and put the finishing touches on their pieces. 

Finally, the time came for the young writers to move into the Zoom room for the reading, where they were met by the support of family, friends, teachers, alumni, and our generous donors, Helen and Duke Dupre. Thank you all so much for coming!

Our director, Katy Karlin, presented the opening remarks before the instructors introduced the young writers from their groups. Each young writer was given a maximum of five minutes to present, and they used their time well, reading multiple pieces including short stories and poems. While the writers were presenting, guests, staff, and other young writers used the chat feature to offer praise and encouragement.

Beautiful job today, young writers! We are so proud!

2020 Young Writers’ Workshop group photo
The Marches
The Sloths
The Variety Squad

Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop this year, young writers!

— Cecily Cecil, Program Assistant

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