The Best Moments and Lessons of 2014

The first ever K-State Young Writers’ Workshop was certainly a memorable one! Before the young writers said farewell on Friday, we asked them to reflect back on their week and share their favorite memories and most valuable lessons learned. Here’s what they had to say:

What was the most fun part of the workshop? 


What was the most valuable or important thing you learned during the workshop?

  • How to collaborate and share my work
  • Working in groups can be great!
  • To express yourself whenever you write
  • To engage readers in the story
  • How to write well using complex characters, conflict, and dialogue
  • Have self-confidence in your work
  • Never give up
  • Take criticism well
  • You can always improve
  • Describing an item in vivid metaphor is one of the best ways to write
  • The importance of communication and characters
  • How to love writing even more!

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